About Us

Professional Student Care's (PSC) mission is to provide top level caregiver services for young international students by making available useful information and appropriate support services to assist students in their studies and everyday life in Australia.

Our goals are:

PSC's head office is based in Melbourne and we currently have bilingual caregivers in cities around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. 

Our team of caregivers has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry of providing care services for young international students, some with a history of caring for students for more than 10 years.  Additionally, our caregivers are kept up-to-date on emerging changes and developments with international students in Australia through regular PSC training.

We are mindful that our students are from diverse backgrounds and hence our caregivers are also trained and given information on the cultural difference and practices of various countries to ensure appropriate support is provided to their students.

Some of our caregivers had lived in Australia as an international student themselves many years ago before building a life here with their family and now have children of their own.  Therefore, it is not surprising that our caregivers show passion in their role and can offer guidance to international students from their own life experience in Australia.