Our Fees

Use our simple calculator to work out the total service fee for your child.


Please use our simple calculator below for an indication of fees applicable to your child.

Our fees are calculated based on the number of months or weeks of services your child will require from 7 days prior to the course commencement date until your child turns 18.

Please note that this is an indicative quote of our fees only as some providers may have different instructions on our caregiver start and finish dates.

If you would like to extend our services for your child to a time after they turn 18 years old, please include that in the comment section of the Application Form.


Calculated Fees.

Your Calculated Fees

*From 01 July 2022, our fees will be changing. Please refer here for our new list of fees and refund policy.

Our Refund Policy

We understand that each child’s circumstance is different and often the student visa process can lead to delays in your child’s arrival or even refusal of your child’s visa application.

Refunds are applicable under the following scenarios:
- If a student’s visa application is refused
- If a student’s course is deferred and the student is already 18 at the time of arrival
- If a student’s arrival date is delayed due to course change/deferral and they will require a shorter period of care

We will not provide refunds in instances where:
- A student has his/her CoE cancelled due to breach of student visa conditions;
- A student withdraws from their studies and returns home;
- A student has arrived in Australia and parents decides to change guardianship provider without communicating any issues to PSC beforehand

In all cases, an administration fee of $280.00AUD plus any applicable bank fees is deducted before making any applicable refund.

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